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1. The Smartphone Workshop.  
From snapshot to perfect picture — even with your smartphone.  
2. Highlight Ernst Leitz Museum.  
Live and experience the fascination of photography.  
3. Packages  
Check out our top experience packages for an unforgettable stay at Leitz-Park Wetzlar. Inspiring and exciting experiences.  
4. Events  
5. Leica Tours  
Leica Tours.  
6. Ernst Leitz Hotel  
The Ernst Leitz Hotel's striking shape doesn't just define the Leitz-Park skyline, its interior also leaves a lasting impression on visitors and guests.  
7. Experience Leitz-Park  
The entire Leica World in one place. In Wetzlar. At Leitz-Park, visitors are invited to explore all that is fascinating about the Leica brand through a sensory experience.  A place that…  
8. Event-Service  
The Leica World at Leitz-Park. One world, a thousand and one possibilities. An extraordinary place for extraordinary events. With its invitingly bright and modern conference rooms, the fascinating,…  
9. Leica Customer Care  
At Leica, individual solutions always matter. And maintenance and repair is no exception.  
10. Museum Shop  
In the store directly connected to the Ernst Leitz Museum, hand selected works by national and international photographers await you.  
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