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Discover the fascinating world of Leica.

On the trail of a legend.

Leica is not just a name, it's an entire world. A world full of fascination and passion, longevity and uncompromising engineering. A name that epitomizes "Made in Germany" photography.

Experience the strength, courage, ambition and enthusiasm that Leica stands for. Experience the heritage and milestones, the spirit and inspiration that made a legend out of a brand. In the Leica World. A warm welcome to you!

Daily, 10.00 – 18.00 Uhr

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The Leica Gallery.

At Leica, the image always takes center stage. That's why the first Leica Gallery, founded in Wetzlar in 1976, is one of the highlights of the Leica World. Located opposite Café Leitz, at the headquarters of Leica Camera AG, the gallery invites its visitors to experience exclusive exhibitions. Be inspired and even surprised by prominent works from famous national and international photographers and artists. The presentation of works from the Leica Oskar Barnack Award is an example of just one of our high-profile rotating exhibitions.


Exhibition "36 out of 100."

The "36 out of 100" exhibition mirrors an analog 35mm film: with 36 images from 100 years of Leica history. The 36 selected iconic Leica images have all made photographic history and helped to create the legend of the Leica brand.

All the photographs expressively illustrate 35mm photography's specific aesthetics. Outstanding photojournalism keeps history alive. The power of the image remains unchanged. Each photograph occupies a very special place in the respective artist's work. Aesthetically strong in terms of formality, well composed, complexly designed, surprising and amazing: these images make up our own unique visual memory. The memories of many generations. Photographs of the boxer Muhammad Ali or the revolutionary Ché Guevara. Images that can now never be forgotten—holding a permanent place in our collective minds.

Exhibition "17 out of 100."

This special exhibition presents 17 milestones from 100 years of sports optics. From 1920s binoculars and night-vision device prototypes to design drafts and special editions, a wide variety of exhibits await you here.


Milestones along the way.

This exhibition includes eleven cameras that are among Leica's most striking innovations. A groundbreaking journey through more than 100 years of company history: from Oskar Barnack's 1914 Ur-Leica to the 1954 Leica M3 and the 2009 Leica x1.


The Leica Manufactory.

A look inside the Manufactory gives you fascinating insights into the creation of Leica products. Experience how the unique interplay between outstanding engineering and precision craftsmanship combines to create the legendary Leica quality hallmark "Made in Germany."

Three large windows allow you to observe this craftsmanship in the making. Watch our employees as they process and assemble optical lenses or cameras. And as you do, enjoy the interactive elements around you—there to help you understand the individual steps involved in creating our Leica products.

Leica's corporate history.

Experience Leica's history—one that is essentially the history of photography itself—by making your way down a dedicated 17-meter-long corridor. Get to know pioneering personalities such as Carl Kellner, the founding father of the optical industry in Wetzlar, and Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, Chairman of the Supervisory Board to this day. Understand the historical and social context of their work. Discover camera innovations: from the Ur-Leica to the latest Leica M. A fascinating journey through more than 150 years of Leica company history awaits you.