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Ernst Leitz Hotel

The Ernst Leitz Hotel's striking shape doesn't just define the Leitz-Park skyline, its interior also leaves a lasting impression on visitors and guests.

Leica Customer Care

At Leica, individual solutions always matter. And maintenance and repair is no exception.

Museum Shop

In the store directly connected to the Ernst Leitz Museum, hand selected works by national and international photographers await you.

Leica Store

In the Leica Store, we have all the latest Leica cameras and lenses as well as sports optics products.

Classic Store

The world's only Classic Store for vintage and secondhand products is a true treasure trove.

The Nature Trail

The contrast between modern architecture and pure nature makes this one of the most exciting parts of Leitz-Park.

World of Leica

Leica is not just a name, it's an entire world. A world full of fascination and passion, longevity and uncompromising engineering.

Cafe Leitz

At Café Leitz, purist design meets a modern interior and the finest culinary delicacies.


The way to the heart is through the stomach. Perfect! Because at the Casino restaurant, at our HQ, Leica brand aficionados can dine together with our Leica team.

Ernst Leitz Museum

In autumn 2021 the new Ernst Leitz Museum will open its doors to visitors and welcome those interested and photography enthusiasts with a unique concept.