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The Leica Nature Trail.

Discover the Nature Trail, directly adjacent to Leitz-Park.

Directly adjacent to Leitz-Park, this Nature Trail invites you to relax and take a deep breath. On a guided tour of ~3 km, you'll be treated to detailed information about the local flora and fauna, as well as countless opportunities to capture the scenery in photographic form. You can relax and let your gaze wander through nature, taking an inspiring break from everyday life in restful tranquility.

As you do you'll discover this is more than just a nature tour—it's an experience—designed to get you to see the landscape from a totally new perspective.  To enhance it we'll gladly provide you with binoculars for the duration of the tour. You can borrow binoculars subject to availability at the Leica Store, where you will also receive detailed instructions.

Beginning summer/fall 2021 we will once again offer guided tours of the Nature Trail, these will likely take place once a month. We look forward to your registration.