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The Smartphone Workshop.

From snapshot to perfect picture — even with your smartphone.

Let the smartphone workshop by Leica photographers draw you into photography and inspire you to get the most out of your smartphone camera.

The theory part will teach you the rules of image composition and the basics of photography. Professional photographers will explain the interplay of the aperture and shutter speed. They'll show you how perspectives and angles affect the tension in an image and how both foreground and background influence a photograph's figurative language. You will then get a chance to put your new theoretical knowledge into practice. Leitz-Park offers countless images and opportunities for practicing photography. You'll be amazed at your smartphone's potential–and your own! 

Build your awareness of conscious photography by means of this 1.5-hour group workshop and trade in "snapshots" for exciting photographic stories.

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Can be booked by groups as well as individuals.

24 Euros per person

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