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Spring at Leica World

A weekend of colourful highlights in nature.

The days are getting warmer, brighter and longer. Time to move activities and festivities outdoors. In cooperation with the city of Wetzlar, we are celebrating the awakening of nature this year with a premiere: the first Leica World Spring Festival at Leitz-Park! On 21 and 22 of May, you can expect numerous highlights and activities in our Leica Forest.

On 21 of May the Spring Festival will open at 11 am with Michael Agel’s outdoor exhibition "Goethe, the Nature Poet" at the hut in the Leica Forest. The exhibition is dedicated to the "naturalist Goethe" and uses photographs to illustrate the poet's statements and sketches about nature. The exhibition can be visited at no cost and invites families and photography and nature lovers to experience fascinating photography on a relaxed walk through nature.

Our nature trail is also located in the Leica Forest, providing a good three kilometres of interesting information about the local flora and fauna, which can be discovered on your own or on a guided tour. The tours will take place on Saturday and Sunday at 3.30 pm and even offer the opportunity to try out our Leica binoculars. Register for the tour at

Enjoy spring with a picnic

You want to enjoy spring with a picnic in the forest? No problem! We prepare filled picnic baskets that you can pre-order and pick up at your leisure, depending on availability.

Contents for two people at 39.90 euros:

- Marinated roast beef with olive oil and stewed tomatoes
- Prawn salad with olives and herbs
- Olive & tomato dip
- Penne-Mediterran with green asparagus, chicken breast strips and dried tomatoes
- Smoked ham
- Goat Cheese
- Chocolate Brownie
- Marinated strawberries
- Leitz Riesling / white wine
- Mineral Water

Vegetarian alternative on request

The picnic baskets can be ordered on Saturday and Sunday for the following times: 10 am to 12 pm, 1 pm to 3 pm and 4 pm to 6 pm.
Pre-orders until Thursday, 19 May, 5 pm, by email to or by phone on 06441 3099 109.

Following Goethe's Tracks: A Scavenger Hunt Through Leitz-Park

Who was Goethe and why was nature so important to him? During an entertaining scavenger hunt through the Leica Forest and the grounds of Leitz-Park, children can immerse themselves in Goethe's life and learn exciting facts about him and his discoveries.

There is even more Goethe in the dance theatre performance "Gretchen bewegt" by the Goethe School Wetzlar. In it, the students from Dr Karin Burk's performing arts course focus on the female character from Goethe's Faust I. It can be seen on Saturday and Sunday at 1 pm on the Leitz Park campus next to Café Leitz. By the way, you can look forward to numerous spring specials at Café Leitz.

250 years ago, in May 1772, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe arrived in Wetzlar in a carriage. He stayed there for four months, fell unhappily in love and then wrote "The Sorrows of Young Werther". The Goethe Summer of the city of Wetzlar commemorates this time with numerous events from May to September.

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