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Highlight Ernst Leitz Museum.

Live and experience the fascination of photography.

The Ernst Leitz Museum inspires its visitors with rotating exhibitions by renowned photographers. Until October 10, 2021, the high-profile "The Eyes of Humanity" exhibition on the museum's first floor will provide fascinating insights into Steve McCurry's life's work—one of the world's best-known contemporary photographers.

In addition to the classic photo exhibitions on the first floor, visitors will be offered an extraordinary museum experience starting in fall 2021. In September, the Ernst Leitz Museum will reopen a section on the upper floor with four experience zones and an interactive concept totally unique in Europe.

The entrance area will highlight the theme "Seeing and Perceiving." By explaining optical phenomena in an accessible way, visitors can expect to develop a fresh awareness of their habitual image perception and experience heightened sensitivity through a more conscious view of the world. A second area is devoted to "Technology and History" and is dedicated to the Leica company's richly traditional history, its craftsmanship, innovations and product milestones. In the ensuing exhibition area, visitors are encouraged to experience the basics of photography up close through various stations using touchscreen and interactive tools. Rotating special exhibitions on diverse topics from the Leica world are planned for the fourth area and will round off this new, interactive concept.

Stay tuned! More details to follow.

Next date
01 Oct 2021

Opening hours
Monday–Sunday, 10:00 p.m.–6:00 p.m.

Admission prices until August 31, 2021
Adults: 6 Euros
Reduced: 4 Euros
Up to 6 years: free

Soon to be launched: experience zones
Fall 2021