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Welcome to the Leitz-Park

A place bursting with inspiration, innovation and extraordinary experiences. Visit Leitz-Park and discover the Leica brand's home and all its captivating facets.

Experience the Leitz-Park

The Leica World.

Experience rotating exhibitions in the Leica Gallery and the permanent photo installation "36 out of 100." Get exciting insights into the workings of our Manufactory, our company history and product development milestones. And find inspiration in our stores, hotel, café and restaurants. Experience an immersive Leica World in one place–Wetzlar.

Discover the Leica World

The Ernst Leitz Museum.

In the fall of 2021, the new Ernst Leitz Museum opened its doors to visitors. Ranging from the curious to dedicated photography enthusiasts, the one-of-a-kind concept appeals to everyone. You decide how you would like to experience the Leica brand: browse the exhibition and our virtual archive and be drawn into a fascinating history—from the first 35mm format camera to the classics of the modern day. Prefer an interactive experience? Test it out immediately: Whether you're discovering the digital darkroom, exploring photographic stylistic devices such as movement, wind, light, and shadow, or creating a self-portrait. Whatever you choose, your creations are available for download directly to your smartphone via the app!

To the Ernst Leitz Museum